May 5, 2017

Road Closures


The Binfield 10K route takes runners out of the village up to the north of the parish along some of our prettiest rural roads and then back right through the village centre, along Terrace Road North and South and then around residential areas to come to the finish at Foxley Field.  There are a number of road closures in place and these will begin just before 10am for the start of the race and, where closures are in place, will be released as the last runner passes key points.  We expect all road closures to be lifted by approximately 11.45am.  This is, of course, subject to change.   The affected by road closures are:

  • Benetfeld Road is the START of the run. Road Closed from 9.50am until 10.10am.
  • Forest Road roundabout connecting Benetfeld Road and Wicks Green will also close to allow the runners to cross safely between approximately 10.00am to 10.15am.
  • Terrace Road North will be closed to traffic heading northbound between the Stevenson Drive roundabout and the junction with the B3018.  Traffic can head south (towards village)
  • The B3018 (Church Lane) to Howe Lane will be closed to all traffic both directions between the Terrace Road North junction and the junction with Howe Lane.  This will be in place from approximately 10.10am to 10.40am. Diverted traffic will be along Forest Road/Maidenhead Road or via Shurlock Row/Straight Mile
  • Howe Lane will be open to traffic travelling towards Maidenhead but closed to traffic travelling towards Binfield beyond the Westley Mill/Bottle Lane junction; approximate timings 10.15am to 10.40am
  • Bottle Lane will be open to traffic travelling towards Moss End on Maidenhead Road but closed to traffic travelling from Maidenhead Road towards Howe Lane.
  • Ryehurst Lane will be closed to all traffic except for access and will only be possible in the direction of travel of the runners and at an appropriate speed.
  • Stubbs Hill/The B3018 (Church Lane) runners directed to bear right at the top of Stubbs Hill and onto the pavement on the B3018.  There is a crossing point for runners ahead of them rejoining Terrace Road North.  Event People will manage the crossing.
  • Terrace Road North will be open to northbound traffic from the B3018 but then closed to traffic in both directions between the Stevenson Drive/Tilehurst Lane roundabout to the village centre roundabout.  This will be between 10.20am to 11.30am approximately.  The diversion for Terrace Road North is to use Tilehurst Lane > York Road > Forest Road.
  • Terrace Road South will be closed to traffic heading NORTH  between the village centre roundabout to the Foxley Lane junction (opposite the Daruchini Brasserie).  Traffic travelling north will be able to access Foxley Lane. Approximate timings 10.20am to 11.20am. North bound traffic will be directed along Foxley Lane > Forest Road.

During the whole event we will have traffic management teams in key locations to keep the village moving as well as runners safe to cross in appropriate places. Where routes are not closed runners will be running on pavements or towards traffic and usual Highway Code rules should be observed by both runners and drivers (and any other road users)

We aim to keep all disruptions to an absolute minimum, but it is highly likely that movements around the village will be affected between the hours of 9.00am and 12noon on Sunday 19 May. 

If you would like to find out more or have any concerns that you would like to raise, please email