The BInfield10k 2024
Thank you everyone

The Binfield 10k road race

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The 10K run around Binfield is a great local event for runners far and wide. Organised by volunteers, it brings the community together and all profits made are donated to local charities.

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The race is held at 10am on the 3rd Sunday in May.

Go to Where?


The route has been officially certified and remains the same as previous years. It provides the wonderful community feel that we know and love together with some gorgeous countryside around the village.

Go to How?


We are growing bigger every year and each year we have more runners. Don’t miss out on your place – bookmark this page!

How you can get involved

Even if you don't run there are still lots of things you can do to help
We really want this event to be a big success for the whole community

Running: even if you don't run yourself, please tell your friends, colleagues and neighbours about this event so we can get as many people signed up as possible.

Marshalling: if you would like to help us guide the runners around our lovely village, please get in touch via

Sponsorship: we are talking sponsorship of the event (but by all means you can sponsor individuals too if you want to). Thank you to all our sponsors (please see below for their logo links) - we couldn't put this event on without you!

On the Day: We will be starting and finishing on Foxley Fields where there will be stalls and tents for refreshments and fun.

  • Thank you to all our sponsors that have sponsored us in the past - we really can't do it without you!.

  • Our entrants are the best! We have dedicated walkers to top athletes.

  • The Binfield 10K is a professional 10K run, organised BY the community FOR the community. An environmentally friendly, not for profit community event, it provides inclusion for everyone of all levels, skills and abilities and supports local businesses. All funds raised are redistributed to the organisations that make it happen, as well as an annual chosen charity.

Our 2024 Sponsors

The Binfield 10K cannot go ahead without support from local sponsors. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring this fantastic village event - there are many opportunities available for you to get involved. Please email