February 7, 2016


Our Mission

The Binfield 10K is a professional 10K run, organised BY the community FOR the community. An environmentally friendly, not for profit community event, it provides inclusion for everyone of all levels, skills and abilities and supports local businesses. All funds raised are redistributed to the organisations that make it happen, as well as an annual chosen charity.

The Binfield 10k 2020

We are so excited – the Binfield 10K is back for its fifth year! Who would have thought it?!! The road race will take place in and around the Binfield village roads and countryside. Organised by a committee of volunteers its main objective is to raise funds for  local charities, whilst at the same time providing a village community event which everyone can enjoy and get involved with in some way.  Funds raised from the 10k have supported Youthline UK, Binfield Primary School,  and many other local charity groups, including brownies, cubs, scouts and guides and the local church. 

The race starts at 10am on Sunday 17th May on Foxley Fields in Binfield.

On the field we will have a BBQ, Tea Tent, sports therapy and lots more.  First aid is being provided by Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue.

The origins of the Binfield 10K began primarily to support Binfield Primary School as part of a FOBS initiative, but thanks to all our supporters, runners and local helpers, the event has become a whole community success story.